C of Sound

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This is a quick sketch I did in a coffee shop of the character in a 3D short I am planing on making.  I’ve had lots of false starts on 3D projects and I am hoping that posting my progress on this site will help keep me motivated to continue.  

The story is called the C (like the C clef) of Sound.  The old man in the sketch is a fisherman on a ratty old rowboat.  He baits a hook and casts it into the water.  When it hits the surface, instead of making a splashing sound, it makes some sort of musical noise.  After a while, he starts getting bites, and each time the bobber dips under the surface, it makes an out of tune sound.  
When he sets the hook, things really start taking off.  The line is pulled this way and that with piano scales running up and down and the like. 

When he finally pulls his catch out of the water, it bursts fourth with a cacophonous eruption of sound, like an orchestra tuning and timpani pounding.  Attached to the end of his line is a musical note.  

The end.

What do you think?  I am open to suggestions.  In fact, it would be fun to make this a bit of a collaborative project.  I certainly could use the help on sound editing towards the end.

I know this is way out of my league in the way of 3D projects, but I don’t like doing things half assed and I really hope to learn a lot, even if the final project won’t exactly land me an internship at Pixar.

By the way, don’t get too excited about this one just yet.  I am still planning on finishing the Car Commercial video before I get going on this.