A Notion of Motion

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Those who know me are aware of my love for playing with Maya and C4D to make half finished models and sub-par animations. Unfortunately, I have never had the motivation, the chutzpah if you will, to see a project to completion (for more on my artistic movement of Unfinishedism, go here). So I figured I would take a different tack. I am trying to learn some new software.

I recently acquired a copy of Motion, Apple’s answer to After Effects. I imagine myself making any number of visually stunning animated abstractions, accompanied by tasteful aural washes. It’s a good thing I can imagine it, cause God knows I’ll never get around to actually finishing one!

Anyhow, I thought the perfect start would be making a music video for Car Commercial, Superficial Hero’s most commercially “successful” song. The great thing about making a video for a Superficial Hero song is that asking permission is so easy because I was in the band!

Hey Reed, can I use your song in one of my projects?

Sure you can!

See how easy that was? It’s just a matter of…

Wait a minute. On second though, I wasn’t the only member of the band, I know.

Sure, but I would assume that Dylan wouldn’t mind.

Well, you know what they say? When you assume, you make an “ass” out of “u” and “me.” And in this case, since it’s an internal dialogue, it’s more like an ass out of “me” and “me.” That’s like being an ass squared. You don’t want that.

Wow. I’m not even going to let myself use my own song. I really AM an ass. Well screw me! Here it is anyway, sans video!

Car Commercial