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So, lately I’ve had an arguably unhealthy obsession with the number four New Zealand digi-folk-pop duo, Flight of the Conchords.  Regular readers will remember that I paid way too much to see them live in San Francisco about a month ago.  Honestly, I think these guys can do no wrong at the moment.  these sentements have led some close friends to question weather my feelings are entirely appropriate (why can’t a heterosexual guy think a heterosexual guy’s booty is fly) (that might sound bad to those of you unfamiliar with the Conchords, but I don’t care).  Anyhow, the point is, they admit to a gross miscalculation in terms of when they thought the robotic uprising would occur.  I am inclined to forgive them for this mistake simply because, unlike so many people in the world, they have there eyes OPEN and they know it’s COMING, even if they aren’t sure when…

Hang in there guys.  It’s coming real soon.

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