The longest month of the year, or, Bloc Pary rocks the block…party

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Sorry for the LONG absence. I have been (a) unmotivated to write, (b) discouraged by the seemingly endless spam that somehow breaks through my countless filters and banned words, (c) a lazy punk. Things here haven’t been much different. February was officially the longest month of the year this year, at least for Nicole and me. Both of our international driving permits expired last month and we had to fight through the Japanese bureaucracy to earn our Japanese licenses. It was almost enough to make us give up, but we are both happy we had the strength of will to persevere. I knew that it would be a true living experience, and I feel like I know the country all the better for having gone through it. I feel like I can now say that I LIVED in Japan. Nicole’s blog has some good details about her experience. I was kind of thrown into the test the first time, having no idea what to expect. My boss just took me to the “DMV” and said, “now you will pass the test,” and I didn’t. After that I had a month to take some driving classes in which I learned all the ridiculously meticulous details you must know to pass the test. I have no idea how my boss thought I could pass without even being exposed to those ideas, but it is past now, and Nicole and I both have out licenses.

To celebrate, we went to see Bloc Party in Tokyo on the 4th of March. I have always enjoyed their music, and, despite some sound and equipment issues, their live show was fantastic. Live music has the ability, for me, to both increase my appreciation for a band, or ruin their music for me. Luckily, they really rocked the block…party…and I went away with a greater appreciation for their recorded music as well.

Music is something I have felt a bit distanced from of late. Nicole has been very good about keeping up on the current bands, and I have relied a lot on her for new music. I hope that changes when I get my new iPod next month. Let me know if you have any suggestions or new music tastes.

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  1. joey Says:

    Dude, the whole license thing sounds nuts. But I’m glad you guys both got through it. Bloc Party sounds rad! I bet that was fun. I’ll try and send more music recommendations your way. I’ve been keeping up for the most part. I’m sure you’ll enjoy some of the Seattle locals like The Long Winters. They are really great. You keep me up to date with some awesome japanese bands too, I love Asian Kung-Fu Generation and Orange Range still!

    BTW, i’m working on a blog for Jet the Band and am probably going to use WordPress. So i’ll be installing some antispam plugins. Let me know if you need any help with that.

    I’m almost done redesigning also and, although I’m not going to use wordpress, i’m really going to try hard and fight the blog spam, i’m so sick of it. I’ve stopped a lot of it but I still get quite a bit.

  2. Dylan Says:

    If you haven’t heard Silversun Pickups or Hot Chip yet, you might want to. Especially if you’re craving totally blown out early-90s style fuzz pop (the former) and cheeky deadpan electro pop (the latter).

  3. Coco Says:

    So happy you are writing again, both of you. Mr. Mac was just asking me for your site again so he can catch up with you. He will be in Tokyo around your B-Day.

    Anyway glad you can think about something other than a driving test.

  4. Joanna P Says:

    just wandered in….

    Wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but great site. Thanks….

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