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Happy as I am to be resurrecting, one of the reasons it began to suffer in the first place was my commitment to my more “literary” writing.  One can only blog about robotic monkeys destroying the world for so long before they begin to yearn for a more meaningful outlet.  Which is why I am proud to announce the imminent launch of, the future home of my more serious works.  Joey Trimmer over at Notion Studios has been working tirelessly on the design and development of the site that we hope will be ready within a few weeks.  No worries, I will continue my work here at the MRA; I have grand plans for the coming weeks and months. will be more of a portfolio, showcasing past and present works including a journal where I will post items that don’t quite fit into the MRA.  Stay tuned for more on this exciting news.

Flickr Is Up

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I am working at building my photo library, but now I have about 25 images if you wanna check them out. There is a link to the right. Enjoy!


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I am currently working on getting a Flickr sight up and running to share my Japan Images with you guys. Stay tuned; a link should appear in the frame to the right—->

The Monkey Rises

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Is the robot dead at last? Have they finally managed to smother the life from it by jamming its inboxes with spam; choking its comment pages with “penis enlargement V1agora sports ODDS NFL betting free PRON online casino” until not a whisper can be heard from it? Have the Spam Kings won?

A metallic digit twitches from an electric pulse. The eyes, long black, glow amber and the monkey rise; from a heap of sifted, unread mail, from the wasted time and wasted bandwidth, the monkey rises. With one powerful, hydraulic index finger, the monkey clicks and its conversation channel is, once again, online.

Keep on waiting…

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Stamp Machine

My first Japanese Breakfast

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I have arrived in Japan, and am almost to my new home. I was hoping to be able to move right into my apartment last night, but unfortunately I have to wait for the instructor I am to replace to leave. That means I am going to spend my first five nights in a postage stamp sized room at a hotel in Maebashi. Good thing is my boss is paying my rent, and breakfast is on the house. This morning I got up early and decided to jump right into my new world with a traitional Japanese breakfast.
In India, I always felt like I was eating lunch for breakfast. They start their days off with a curry bang that just doesn’t feel right to the western pallet. My first Japanese breakfast had a similar affect. It consisted of a bowl of rice, a plastic wrapped strip of seaweed, an unrecognizable mauve ball that tasted like some sort of ocean life placed alongside five small strips of salty boiled greens, a bowl of miso soup, a salmon steak, green tea, water, and an egg in a cup. Ah, yes, an egg; at last a food item that may sate my western appetite. I reached for it, hoping for the best, but knowing that the cup heralded an unpleasant surprise. I cracked the egg on the edge of my tray and uncooked white oozed out over my hand. The egg went back into the cup and wasn’t touched again.
I ate the salmon, pollished my rice bowl, drank the soup, tea, and water, and enjoyed the new experience with a subued mirth, knowing that it was the first of many learning experiences ahead of me.
I left the hotel in search of a cup of morning coffee, which I found at the local Mister Donut, where “MISTER makes you happy.” I purchased a McDonalds sized cup of coffee for $2.70 and returned to my hotel. I will be meeting my boss in about an hour, and I don’t know what lies ahead of me this weekend. I will accompany the teacher whom I am to replace on his final two days of lessons starting Monday, then I begin life as an English teacher in Japan.
I will keep you up to date as things develoup.

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